"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order"

About Redfern Body

Welcome to Redfern Body, a journey which began decades ago, officially establishing in 2004. The name Redfern, although mistaken as a now popular suburb in Sydney, originates from our family tree and is dedicated to my mother Kathryn ("young Redfern") who has always been a great inspiration, a wealth of knowledge and an abundant loving support.

Life's journeys and experiences in natural and remote environments, particularly the Kimberley and West Australian coastline have a profound influence in nurturing artistic creativity, which constantly amazes and inspires many of my creations. A love of plants, flowers and all things found in nature connect visually through colours and textures, and sensory through smell and touch. I believe that understanding their unique role in the enviroment and how we interact, is a nuturing conscious approach to sustainable wellbeing.

My drive and passion to create unique products for 'Every Body' is derived from extensive research into the science of plants and flowers that are beneficial to both us and the planet. It is my goal to provide products that sustain our bodies, minds and spirits by sourcing ingredients carefully and consciously from natures garden. I feel so blessed to be on this journey and the opportunity to share it...thank you to all who have, and continue to be a supporting part of this passion, Deb X

All from natures garden..

All from natures garden..
Made by Deb with love..

Made by Deb with love..

You are guaranteed true quality with all Redfern Body's products

  • Everything is made fresh to order in uniquely hand crafted small batches
  • All ingredients are sourced from certified organic local suppliers and are of the highest quality
  • No - palm oil, harmful preservatives, chemicals, synthetics or sulfates are used
  • All products are long lasting, original and smell amazing
  • Made with over 30 years of experience, tender love and care
Why put harmful mass produced chemicals onto our skin and into our bodies….. Beautiful plants that contain nature's exquisite scents and amazing healing properties are all we need!

Redfern For Your Business

Our products can also be specially tailored for your business, from massage, day spa, eco retreat, boutique hotel or retail outlet. Redfern Body enjoys creating something unique to your business and destination. Please contact us to discuss further.
Experience a magnificent range of exclusive handmade organic natural products made in Broome, Western Australia.

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