Redfern's Product Range

Facial Skincare

A beautiful range of botanical facial skincare to suit 'Every Body'. Enjoy Redfern's exquisite selection to suit all skin types for everyday nurturing rituals. Our focus on natural organic products and sourcing quality ingredients will leave your skin feeling restored and revitalised naturally..experience the glow..

Candles & Soy Melts

Handmade soy candles – A selection of beautiful candles generously scented with pure essential oils. Plant derived colours are used to create these visually appealing creations. Our Eco soy candles are long lasting from 21 to 150 hours burning time depending on size, ranging from travel tins, votives and our classic jars . All our Soy candle essences are also available in Soy Melts suitable for oil burners.


Redfern handmade soaps are palm free, created with cold pressed oils, plants, flowers, fruits, ground organics, enriching butters, pure and organic essential oils. Being a creative bunch, we love to have fun and keep it different offering a variety of unique soaps. From the traditional method of cold process, to transforming some of our creations through applying additional soap making techniques, our own castille is hand milled and fresh ingredients added after the cooking and curing process to sustain the goodness that benefits the skin. Made in unique fresh batches, these beautiful soaps are all gentle, nourishing wholesome and long lasting! Suitable for everybody..

Incense- Broome Stix

Redfern Body's Broome Stix are handmade Incense from a genuine 6th century old recipe comprising of ground woods, spices, local barks, resins, and natural gum. Our sticks are dipped in pure essential oils. They contain no toxins, are slow burning (approx 1hr per stick) releasing their beautiful essences to scent your space, evoke peace and harmony catering for all moods and occasions. Enjoy indoors and outdoors.


Redfern's shea butter Bath Bombs are luxurious body butter bliss, no bath should be deprived of such a decadent experience, these are the bomb! Relax, unwind, and let it go, float away.. Available in all essences (and even suitable for spas!). These gorgeous botanical beauties - leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth, restoring calm and peace to the body, mind and spirit..

Jewels of the Sea.. revive me..
Our natural Sea Salt range is perfect for relieving aches and pains, restoring and truly relaxing, it is a beautiful natural way to soak away stress after an arduous day.


Redfern Body products - botanical skincare handmade with organics to suit 'Every Body' from head to toes, gentle and kind to sensitive skin types. Our range focuses on the daily rituals of well being. Balancing, cleansing, exfoliating, refreshing, rejuvenating and nourishing the skin through the art and science of plants and flowers. Our Body is our temple and nature a pampering gift for the body mind and spirit..

Aloe Ah..

Redfern's amazing Aloe Ah.. relief remedy gel, to heal, soothe and renew. Relieves psoriasis, inflamed, itchy skin, dry skin, bites, cuts, bruises, burns, scars, stretch marks, age spots, blemishes and breakouts.. One of our most popular products, multipurpose and a must have!
We personally recommend this Pure Plant based botanical wonder which is also fantastic for daily facial nurturing, can be worn under makeup, as a night repair, brilliant for soothing after sun or after shaving, works a treat on dry cracked heals too! It's non greasy, absorbs beautifully and smells gorgeous!

The synergy of plant extracts with their magical properties work on soothing and healing whilst the organic rosehip oil renews the skin cells perfectly restoring balance, the bush medicine is rich in vitamin c and antioxidants. Certified organic pure essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile chosen for their calming soothing, anti-inflammatory and beautiful aroma. It has a natural preservative system but living in the tropics we like to keep ours cold so we stash some in the fridge to enjoy the added cooling Aloe Ah..


Feeling positive about our appearance often helps to feel positive in other areas of our lives. Through the art and science of botanics, a beautiful selection of herbs, flowers, plants and oils have been put together to cleanse, nourish, stimulate growth, soften and shine without all the unnecessary chemicals, that get absorbed in the body. Everyday rituals of connecting to nature can make everyday a "Good Hair Day" Enjoy the journey!

Perfumes and Oils

Redfern offers a range of Single and Blended notes of Pure Essential Oils, and Premium Base Oils infused over many moons for our Massage Blends to leave the skin soft and supple , whilst enjoying a sensory journey and all the therapeutic benefits derived from nature.
Aromatherapy 100% Pure and Certified Organic Oils, the finest of quality carefully selected from around the world with only the most delicate extraction methods used to gently preserve the unique signatures of the plant.

Bugs at Bay Range

An effective way to combat mosquitoes and sandflies (bitingmidgies) and other critters without harmful insecticides. Our natural plantbased remedies for repelling and soothing relief are gentle on the skin,refreshing, pleasant bush essences that smell clean and fresh, protecting youfrom uninvited friendly locals in our aussie outdoor way of life. Tested in the Kimberley where the bugs arejust bigger! When the going gets tough Bugs @ Bay gets going! Our repellentsare available in a mist, balm, and soap.Our Bugs @ Bay candles, melts and incense are concentratedstrength. Perfect for entertaining, camping and the great outdoors! Sometimeswe get caught off guard particularly with sandflies (biting midgies) which flyunder the buzzing radar until they have had their fun and can cause discomfort,insane itchy inflammation and swelling. Fear not we have an antiseptic bite reliefand our amazing Aloe Ah... A must have 1st aid and in the survival kit.


At Redfern we love animals and have a range of products to take care of your favourite four legged friend. Petcare products to pamper your pooch! Natural and botanical, chemical free formula's are tested on our friends and family only with beautiful results. Five star paw approval! All ingredients are from the greatest laboratory on Earth..Nature..
Effective, cleansing and deodorising, making healthy coats shine..

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