Pure Oil Perfumes in a purse size 15ml glass roll on bottle for all occasions..

Organic refined jojoba and rosehip oil infused with beautiful botanicals, scented with our very own Perfumes. These scents are concentrated pure essentials of floral, wood, green, resin and citrus notes which are blended drop by drop and matured over many moons. Once perfected to our divine sensory approval, we allow them to be enjoyed.. Our aim is creating beautiful perfumes that are a pleasure to wear, alluring, adoring, memorable and long lasting scents that linger and pay compliment..

Whilst we offer a gorgeous selection, we'd be delighted to personally blend a special signature scent just for you..

Standard: $24.95

Premium: $34.95 (Redfern Signature, Goddess, Sandalwood)

SKU: 40006 TAGS: Frangipani, Musk, Vanilla Being, Redfern Signature Blend, Sandalwood, Goddess, Starry Nights, Nag Champa

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