Happy Hands Lotion and Pumice Pack


Make sure your hands are taken care of with these indulgent natural products for everyone. Enjoy the divine essences in our indulgent hand care.

Happy Hands Lotion: A blend of rose, sandalwood, patchouli, rose geranium, lavender, sweet orange and jasmine. Herbal extract of chamomile, comfrey, nettle, carrot oil, paw paw and vitamin E. Sweet almond, olive, jojoba, hemp oils. Shea and cocoa butter. Calendula and horsetail extract. Aloe vera and grapefruit seeds extract.
100ml tube

Happy Hands Pumice: An olive oil soap stone that removes stains and odours and leaves hands clean and freshly scented with aromatic lemon myrtle, lime, orange, tea tree, lavender and sandalwood. Highly antibacterial and perfect for food preparation areas. Terrific for tradies, chef's and cooks too ..... Simply work into wet hands rinse and leave stone to air dry. Kept dry for long lasting. 120g bar Moisterize hands for optimum care with our Happy Hands Lotion.

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