Earth Range 120g Large Bar - Olive Oil Soaps

Olive Oil Soaps


Olive oil based soaps contain finely ground oatmeal, floral waters, cleansing clays, fresh flowers, fruits and herbal extracts. Enriched with beautiful cold pressed organic oils, butters and pure essential oils. We use only naturally derived plant colours and our products are free from chemicals, sulphates, dyes and palm oil. These soaps are long lasting, nourishing and Earth friendly.

Silkwood: (For Him) but she loves it too! Deeply woody, sensual with a fresh twist of citrus notes, sandalwood, cedarwood, rose geranium, patchouli, frankincense, lemon myrtle in olive and shea butter, hemp oil and calendula, vitamin E and oatmeal. Very popular for inflamed problem skin types.

Red Earth: Real Kimberley country scented rich red clay, sandalwood, vetiver and spices - a masculine deeply woody ideal for dry mature skin.

whoolie doolie its..Patchouli .Deeply earthly and grounding, long lasting aromatic scent. Quite the aphrodisiac. Old hippys at heart reminisce - love & peace! One of our most popular products.

120g Large Bar
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