Cheeky Mango Soap on a Rope

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Our unique and innovative design is handmade with olive oil, virgin coconut, castor and mango butter, olive leaf and papaya extracts, fragrant sweet and juicy essence of mango with a splash of citrus and homegrown loofa. 120g

Our famous Cheeky Mango's! Beautiful bright and cheeky, so life like you'll want to eat them! We've even handcrafted a life like Cheeky Mango tree to display our soap to visitors at Broome Markets, they can just pick one from the tree! Soap on Rope attached to a homegrown loofah sponge and quick dry rope to hang your cheeky mango up!
(For those who don't know a loofa is an edible vine fruit (similar to a zucchini) the core of the loofa once sun-rippened is peeled and de-seeded and cleaned becomes an amazing scrub sponge.)
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