Mudcrab Goats Milk Soap

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"Catching Muddies" is a unique experience up in the Kimberley wading through the mangroves and creek systems at low tide keeping an eye out for crocs, a tricky muddy adventure! Not for the fainthearted poking down holes to entice a catch but for some a worthy hunting and gathering feast ... what amazing creatures with there warrior spirit, exquisite armor and almighty nippers so majestic. Worthy of paying homage to.. such a formidable creature of the sea..
Gentle goatsmilk soap contains olive oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter and aloe, a hint of pure essential oils of mandarin and grapefruit, naturally derived plant colours, with a little pinch of safe cosmetic sparkles on the shell to capture the iridescent reflections seen when sunlight reflects on the crabs defensive shell. Naturally balancing PH levels these are pure, mild and silky – perfect for ultra-sensitive skin. Enjoy our bright and colourful Mudcrabs, for the young ones, or young at heart! 125g
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