'Get Stoned' Foot Pumice



Make sure your feet are summer ready! The next best thing to a barefoot walk on the beach. Leaves your feet smooth, soft and smelling sweet. Chocka full of antiseptic and deodorizing properties. An olive and hemp soapstone containing a little bit of sand from Broome beaches, boab nut, olive stone, coconut shell, ground pumice, black rice, walnut shell, rosehips, wattle seeds, home grown luffa, fresh tea tree, lavender, mint, horsetail, seaweed extract and aloe. Infused and cured over several months is Broome beeswax, cocoa butter, sea salts, vitamin E and pure essential oils. Use on wet feet (as you would normal pumice) to remove dead, hard skin. Rinse the stone and keep dry so it will last many months! We recommend after getting stoned our Happy Feet Foot heal balm for complete happy feet. 120 grams

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